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Chelsea Salon

Skye opened the doors to the world back in 2005 with the vision to provide an oasis of calm within the heart of Chelsea.

Being set just off the King’s Road gives the salon a private boutique feel for clients which is just how i intended it to be!

Having a long established reputation for warmth and expertise with a friendly relaxed style, Skye believes these details are the keys to her success. Skye Norman has worked closely in the past with global hair brands such as L’Oreal and Schwarzkopf to deliver the utmost exceptional work within the hairdressing industry and is determined to maintain the highest quality in her own salon.

Skye Norman

Skye started her career in New Zealand and has since worked all over the world doing shows, seminars and commercials for global hair brands such as Schwarzkopf and L’oreal.

She has also been very active participating in London Fashion Week for designer labels, creating hair looks for the catwalk and working on pop videos for stars such as Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue and other celebrities.

i love working in our London Salon and love to create beautiful manageable hair that people can easily manage at home.  I also think it is very important that our clients get to see one stylist throughout their experience with us; to me hair is art and we need to be able to visualise our creation from start to finish, much the same as an artist works on a canvas

Pamela Paterson

Salon Manager

Pamela was chosen from hundreds of hopefuls to compete with ten others for the prestigious L’Oreal Colour Trophy, one of the most prominent hairdressing awards in New Zealand.

With over 20 years’ experience, Pamela began her career with an advanced apprenticeship qualifying trade certificate within the top 10% of New Zealand and was awarded Top Apprentice at Southland University for two years running. She was very active on the competition front receiving numerous artistic and colour awards over the years at both regional and national level. 

Since making the big move to the UK Pamela has worked for some of London’s top West End Salons before coming to Snip, Colour and Manage at Skye Norman Hair & Beauty. She no longer competes as she prefers to focus solely on her clientele, eat cake and watch re-runs of Come Dine with Me.

Pamela still contributes to various publications, most recently Cosmopolitan Bride.

She continues to live happily ever after.


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All Our Services

Restyle 118.00
Ladies Cut/Blow Dry 103.00
Mens Cut/Blow Dry 72.00
Blowdry 53.00
Child 63.00
Brazilian Keratin Treatment From 130.00

Price on Application

Hi-Lights Full head
Hi-Lights Half Head
Hairline & Parting
Scattered Hi-Lights
Fashion Colour
Full Head Tint
Regrowth Tint
Quasi Colour
Bleach & Toner
Organic Colour
Mens Colour

Restyle 113.00
Ladies Cut/Blow Dry 98.00
Mens Cut/Blow Dry 66.00
Blowdry 51.00
Child 61.00
Brazilian Keratin Treatment From 130.00


Bayalage 250.00
Hi-Lights Full Head 204.00
Hi-Lights Half Head 173.00
Hairline & Parting 151.00
Scattered Hi-Lights 145.00
Flashes Of Colour(upto 12 foils) 98.00
Full Head Tint 120.00
Regrowth Tint 88.00
Vibrance Colour 88.00
Bleach & Toner 162.00
Organic Colour/TBH 120.00
Mens Colour 70.00

Restyle 105.00
Ladies Cut/Blow Dry 79.00
Mens Cut/Blow Dry 64.00
Blowdry 49.00
Child 59.00
Brazilian Keratin Treatment From 130.00


Bayalage 230.00
Hi-Lights Full Head 180.00
Hi-Lights Half Head 167.00
Hairline & Parting 145.00
Scattered Hi-Lights 135.00
Flashes Of Colour(upto 12 foils) 89.00
Full Head Tint 115.00
Regrowth Tint 84.00
Vibrance Colour 84.00
Bleach & Toner 154.00
Organic Colour/TBH 115.00
Mens Colour 61.00

Restyle 77.00
Ladies Cut/Blow Dry 69.00
Mens Cut/Blow Dry 55.00
Blowdry 42.00
Child 42.50
Brazilian Keratin Treatment From 130.00


Bayalage 230.00
Hi-Lights Full Head 168.00
Hi-Lights Half Head 155.00
Hairline & Parting 135.00
Scattered Hi-Lights 125.00
Flashes Of Colour(upto 12 foils) 89.00
Full Head Tint 110.00
Regrowth Tint 80.00
Vibrance Colour 80.00
Bleach & Toner 130.00
Organic Colour/TBH 110.00
Mens Colour 55.00

Restyle 68.00
Ladies Cut/Blow Dry 59.00
Mens Cut/Blow Dry 45.00
Blowdry 38.00
Child 37.00
Brazilian Keratin Treatment From 130.00


Bayalage 230.00
Hi-Lights Full Head 159.00
Hi-Lights Half Head 147.00
Hairline & Parting 120.00
Scattered Hi-Lights 110.00
Flashes Of Colour(upto 12 foils) 80.00
Full Head Tint 105.00
Regrowth Tint 77.00
Vibrance Colour 77.00
Bleach & Toner 120.00
Organic Colour/TBH 105.00
Mens Colour 50.00
At Skye Norman, we offer a range of hair and beauty services, including wedding hair and make-up, helping you to get your perfect wedding look.
Our experienced team provide professional hairstyling for brides, grooms, bridesmaids, and any member of the bridal party
as well as a number of all-inclusive bridal packages to complete your bridal beauty look too.

Wedding Hair On Application
Our pricelist displays all of our services
A range of Eyelash & Eyebrow treatments, waxing, tinting and shaping to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape, colour and definition giving you weeks without the assistance of mascara

Eyelash Perm Lift + Tint 35.00
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint 35.00
Lash Tint 20.00
Brows Tint 18.00
Lash & Brow 35.00
Brows Shape & Tint 35.00


Individual Eyelash Extension (full Set) 120.00
Individual Eyelash Extension (Half Set) 80.00
Eyelash In-fills 40.00
Eyelash Extensions Removal 10.00
A method of individually removing unwanted hair by destroying the growth at the centre of the hair with heat energy one of the only proven methods of permanent hair removal.

15 Minutes 28.00
30 Minutes 38.00
40 Minutes 50.00
60 Minutes 60.00

Advanced Electrolysis (15 – 30 Mins) 48.00
Skin Blemishes Skin Tags & Mole Removal
(Doctor GP Refferal)
Thread Vein /Spider Veins Removal (20 Mins) 42.00
Age Spots /Blood Spots (20 Mins) 42.00
Milia (20 Mins) 38.00
We provide customised facials based on your individual skin type. The treatment includes a full consultation aimed at helping you to improve the health and beauty of your skin

Ultra Calming 85.00
Care for sensitive skin – (1 hr)
Medibac Clearing 85.00
Specialised to treat to clear acne prone skin (1hr)
Express Facial 45.00
Fast Facial for deep cleansing (30 mins)
Classic Facial 70.00
Luxury Treatment for all skin types (1hr)
Age Smart 85.00
Specialised to treat early signs of skin ageing (1hr)
Advanced Facial/Ultra Sound (75 Mins) 100.00
A skin exfoliation treatment works by using tiny microcrystals to strip dead skin and impurities, while simultaneously stimulating collagen and elastin production

Microdermabrasion + Dermalogica Facial 100.00
45 Mins – 1 hr
Professional, silicone based airbrush make up application it’s perfect for bridal, occasional or an everyday flawless look!

Day/Evening or Special Occasion 120.00
Bridal Makeup From 120.00
Trial Session Included
Bridesmaid Makeup From 120.00


A pampering hands-on treatment that lasts about 1 hour. It begins with full body exfoliation and moisturisation phases. Each treatment can last up to 10 – 14 days

Application Only 45.00
30 Mins
Application + Exfoliation 60.00
45 – 60 Mins

Cellulite Body Ultrasound 45.00 45 Minutes
Body Scrub Plus Massage 45.00 45 Minutes
Back Cleansing 45.00
(a back facial) 45 Minutes
Ear Candles 35.00
Ear Wax Removal 30 Minutes


Back & Neck Massage 40.00 30 Minutes
Deep Tissue Massage 70.00 1 Hour
Hot Stones Massage 70.00 1 Hour
Lymphatic Drainage 70.00 1 Hour
Swedish Massage 60.00 1 Hour
Indian Head Massage 45.00 30 Minutes
Reflexology Massage 45.00 45 Minutes
We offer quality Strip & Hot waxing treatments using advanced techniques

Full Leg + Bikini 55.00
Full Leg + Hollywood or Brazilian 70.00
Half Leg + Bikini 45.00
Half Leg + Hollywood or Brazilian 55.00
Bikini Only 25.00
Extended Bikini 33.00
Hollywood or Brazilian 45.00
Full Leg 40.00 (Strip Wax Only)
3 Quarter Leg 35.00 (Strip Wax Only)
Upper or Lower Leg 28.00 (Strip Wax Only)
Full Arm 28.00 (Strip Wax Only)
Forearms 20.00
Under Arm 18.00
Lip or Chin 16.00
Lip & Chin 20.00
Strip Wax or Hot Wax

Eyebrows Shape 18.00 Hot Wax Only + Tweezer
Full Face Wax 35.00 With Hot Wax
Ear & Nose 25.00
Ear Only 15.00
Nose Only 15.00
Chest 25.00 (Men Wax)
Back & Shoulders 35.00 (Men Wax)
Back, Chest & Shoulders 55 (Men Wax)
Intimate 40.00 (Men Wax)
Nothing completes a look quite like beautifully finished nails

Manicure 32.00
French Manicure 40.00
Deluxe Manicure 40.00
File & Re-Varnish 24.00
Revarnish Only 25.00
File & Polish With Gel 27.00
Gel Removal 15.00


Pedicure 38.00
French Pedicure 40.00
Deluxe Pedicure 45.00
File & Re-Varnish 24.00
File & Polish With Gel 27.00
Gel Removal 15.00
Medical Pedicure 50.00
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