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Eyelash Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Individual Eyelash Extensions?
The Individual Eyelash Extensions are single strands of Mink, Silk or Synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash and are applied to your individual lashes, one lash at a time.

They create fuller look and provide thickness and length to your own lashes. Individual Eyelash extensions are available in varying thickness and lengths.
How long do individual eyelash extensions last?
Individual Eyelash Extensions last up to 2-3 months with regular infills recommended every 3-4 weeks.
Do they damage your natural eyelashes?
Individual Eyelash extensions should be applied correctly and professionally selecting the length, width and style suitable for your own lashes.
Can I wear mascara?
You can wear a special water based mascara for Individual Eyelash Extensions
How long does it take?
Full Set – 1h30- 2h Infills -45min-1h

1. Avoid the use of oil-based make-up remover, cleanser or creams;
2. No use of regular or waterproof mascara;
3. No sauna, steam of heat treatment for 48 hours after applying Individual Permanent Lashes; 4. Be gentle! Avoid picking, rubbing, touching your eyes excessively;
5. Anything from using heated curlers, lash perms, tinting lashes on normal mascaras;
6. Use caution when blow drying hair (extensive heat on the lashes will distort their shape);
7. Avoid rubbing eyes, sleeping on the lashes, facing the shower;
8. Do not attempt to remove the extensions;
9. Do not pull on loose lashes;
10. Brush your lashes with provided brush;

Microdermabrasion at Skye Norman

An amazing non-surgical treatment which doesn’t involve chemicals or lasers.
The aim is to improve the appearance of the skin by removing dead and damaged skin cells, cleansing the skin pores and stimulates collagen production, which leads to healthier and smoother looking skin.
Microdermabrasion can treat many skin conditions such as:
Flaky dry skin
Oily Skin
Age spots
Sun damaged skin
Scar tissue
Fine lines and wrinkles
Acne and acne scars
Hyperpigmentation of the skin
Blackheads and whitehead
Stretch marks
Treatments needed
Most certainly after one session you will notice a difference but I would recommend to have at least 6 treatment sessions to achieve the best results. These treatments can be carried out at 2 week intervals and then one treatment every 6-8 weeks for maintaining the achieved results.
Hope to see you soon
Love Tanya x

Today’s great debate
Is it ever ok to have roots?
Is it really trendy? or just trashy to have up to three or four inches of regrowth?
We have all done it at some point plus various other celebs and fashionista’s
My honest opinion, Try sort the roots out soon as possible! If you have a different tone band at the roots of your hair. Hair can easily look greasy dirty and unkempt!

How to: Cheryl Fernandez Versini’s Plaited Bun




This season is all about that show stopping up-do and we love this one seen on the Queen of must have hair, Cheryl Fernandez Versini. We spoke to Gary Taylor from Edward and Co for his top tips on how to recreate the look for your clients.

‘This look is all about the prep! Hair needs to be soft and sleek to ensure a smooth blow dry.  

The Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Soft Glam Smooth Elixir Polish and Light Gloss Holdspray in particular would be perfect for this look. It will help when holding the hair in the nape of the neck before sectioning the hair to form a soft bun.

Form a strong plait with the other section of hair and start to mould it around the bun. Use the plait structure and texture to wrap around the bun and finish off at the parting of the hair. This will disguise any pins and cross over hair that might be on show.’


We Love: Lauren Pope’s Clip On Bun




Looking for styling ideas that are quick, easy and client friendly? Lauren Pope stepped out this week wearing her Hair Rehab London Clip On Bun, and we think this is look is fab for this time of year.

This is a perfect add on to recommend to clients with shorter-mid length hair who want an easy up-do for the festive season that’s low maintenance but looks perfectly put together.

Lauren Pope took to Instagram to share her Christmas party top knot and said, ‘If I’m in a rush I’ll always create a quick top knot with my Hair Rehab London Clip On Bun. It takes no time and still looks like you’ve made an effort.’


We Love: Adele’s New Bob


So much went on last weekend but the talk of the town had to be Adele’s new hair.

But is the shorter the better when it comes to the new short choppy bob that both J-LAW and Adele have been wearing?

We spoke to Marc Trinder, Art Team Director at Charles Worthington to discover how to get the perfect bob.

‘To achieve the perfect Lob to Bob the hair needs to layered in a subtle way which can be done by layering the hair underneath. The hair then falls naturally with movement, whilst still looking thick and lustrous. Regular trims are essential for keeping the textured ends in tip top condition.

Charles Worthington Salons have recently launched a new cutting technique called the ‘Cross-Shake’ which gives the ultimate in effortless style by slicing sections generously cross-ways from left to right, then top to bottom at specific points in the hair. It creates bespoke texture and the signature ‘shaken’ finish, at the same time giving fullness and relaxed movement. It suits all hair types as it is a beautifully bespoke way of layering and texturising hair without leaving it thin and wispy.’


How To: Rita Ora’s Pixie Crop



Rita Ora took the plunge and was spotted with a daring pixie crop last week. We spoke to Marc Trinder at Charles Worthington to find out how to make this work for your clients.

Marc Trinder, Charles Worthington’s Art Team Director says “Rita has gone for a real androgynous look with her new pixie crop. The long layers around the front give a modern take on the classic pixie.”

Who will this style suit?

“This short style suits an oval and heart face shape, but does not tend to work for a round face shape. This style also works well for those with a strong jaw line and cheekbones, enhancing and flattering these features in a feminine way.”

“I love it when stars cut in a short, chic hairstyle; it can make your face look slimmer, enhance your bone structure and update your look without having to buy a new season wardrobe!”

“A good way to test if the style will actually suit you is to try a wig. The attitude and perception of wigs has changed dramatically. Not only have the quality of wigs improved but they have become the latest fashion accessory for celebrities. Absolutely anyone wears wigs these days.

we have recently launched a new cutting technique called the ‘Cross-Shake’ which gives the ultimate in effortless style by slicing sections generously cross-ways from left to right, then top to bottom at specific points in the hair. It creates bespoke texture and the signature ‘shaken’ finish, at the same time giving fullness and relaxed movement. It suits all hair types as it is a beautifully bespoke way of layering and texturising hair without leaving it thin and wispy.”


Davines Artistic Director Angelo Seminara Reveals Trends for Spring/Summer 2016


As the new year kicks off it’s time to start prepping for upcoming trends. Davines Artistic Director predicts the must have styles for Spring/Summer 2016.

Sibling SS16: Hair by Syd Hayes

Bangs (Fringes)

Next season starts off with a bang! At Fashion Week S/S16, the runways were teaming with fringes, worn in a variety of ways, from baby bangs at Prada, eyelash skimming wisps at Rebecca Minkoff and blunt cuts at Vera Wang.

Keep the look edgy with a choppy shaggy finish as seen at Sibling or for a more wearable version, take inspiration from Giorgio Armani and go with a deep sweeping side fringe.

Altuzarra SS16: Hair By Guido Morrocanoil


At the S/S16 shows we saw various takes on the classic twist. A quirky alternative to the recent braid trend, Paul Smith, Lanvin, Alberta Ferretti and Altuzarra were just a handful of designers to put their stamp on this traditional style. 

The beauty of this trend lies in two things: how simple it is to recreate and how wearable this look is, dressed up or down. If you are adding a twist in to freshly washed squeaky-clean hair, it’s essential to apply a good prepping product like the Your Hair Assistant BlowDry Primer, which I developed with Davines, applied before blow-drying and styling, will give the final style more body and hold.

Alexander Wang: Hair by Guido (Image: Kyle Ericksen/WWD/REX Shutterstock)

Natural Texture

Embracing the natural curve was the message acroos the catwalks this season. Chloé shocased natural kinks while Bottega Veneta created ‘real women hair,’ full of natural movement, windswept volume and irregular waves.

To recreate this ‘day after a blow-dry’ look, and boost natural texture, spray Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist to hair, before drying, to add separation and texture.  Once hair is dry, boost volume further with Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator, a styling powder that builds natural volume and stops hair from ‘dropping’.

The finished style should look full of volume, natural and artfully undone – as if created by a sea breeze.