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Bold & Bright Hairstyles


Certain celebs are not afraid to change their look especially when it comes to colouring their hair. From rainbow brights to cool pastels, here are 6 celebrities that rock bold and bright hairstyles.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry | Bold & Bright Hairstyles Katy is definitely not afraid to experiment when it comes to her hairstyles, rocking icy blues to pale pink to deep purple!

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne | Bold & Bright Hairstyles Kelly has been wearing this lilac colour for a while now and we think this is a hairstyle that the star should definitely stick with!! .

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj | Bold & Bright Hairstyles Nicki Minaj has made many statements with her ever changing vibrant hairstyles.


Rihanna | Bold & Bright HairstylesWhether it was straight or curly Rihanna looked super hot with this bright red hairstyle.

Willow Smith

Willow Smith | Bold & Bright HairstylesWillow keeps her super short hairstyle interesting by dyeing it different bold colours.

Hairstyles 2013 – Tips for Straight Hair


It has been evident lately that the short look is being fancied by several high profile celebrities. We have seen Beyonce go for the Sinead O’Connor style shave, Rihanna choosing the teenage boy look and of course a certain former Disney Star selecting a rather rebellious look in her new music video.

Despite this somewhat catching trend, the majority of us have chosen to keep the long look and want to make the most out of it. Have your long hair looking its best by following these simple tips on getting straight hair.

  • Use shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for straightening hair.
  • Avoid shampoos that contain alcohol as this will dry out your hair and will make the straightening process harder.
  • Before you blow dry, divide your hair into sections.  Never blow dry sections that are more than an inch thick as the hot hair will not be able to pass through.
  • When blow-drying your hair, use a paddle brush pointing the nozzle downwards.
  • If you want poker straight hairstyle use a flat iron to straighten your hair. Pull strands of your hair through the flat iron in a swift continuous motion. Remember to use a heat protective spray as this will protect your hair and give it some extra shine.
  • To keep straight hair looking healthy, avoid split ends by going for regular haircuts.


Celebrity Hairstyles 2013 – The Brit Awards


Check out all the glamorous hairstyles from last nights Brit Awards!!!

Emeli Sande

Emeli Sande | Celebrity Hairstyles 2013 - The Brit Awards Woman of the night Emeli Sande took home Best Female Solo Artist and Album of the Year and thankfully she had a winning hairstyle to match. Her hair was styled into her usual buzz cut and on top her platinum blonde hair was styled into a stylish quiff hairstyle.

Jesse J

Jesse J | Celebrity Hairstyles 2013 - The Brit Awards Jessie went for a slightly different look this year with her trademark blunt bangs nowhere to be seen! Instead her her long hairstyle was parted in the middle giving her a smooth and sleek look!

Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts | Celebrity Hairstyles 2013 - The Brit Awards Ashley opted for a messy top – knot that was loosely pinned leaving a few strands of hair to frame her face perfectly.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora | Celebrity Hairstyles 2013 - The Brit Awards Rita went for a relaxed up – style for the big night! Her hair was styled into a low bun with plenty of volume!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift | Celebrity Hairstyles 2013 - The Brit Awards Taylor stuck with her usual hairstyle, her golden hair styled long and straight and with her perfect eye grazing bangs!

Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith | Celebrity Hairstyles 2013 - The Brit AwardsPaloma’s ginger hair was styled into a curly messy up & style which she added a gorgeous crystal embellished hair accessory.


Pampering Massages


The Different Types of Massage

Have you always liked the idea of treating yourself to a pampering massage session? If yes, then it is beneficial to know the different types of massages available and their ultimate purpose. If you wish to enjoy a physiological session, then ayurvedic and shiatsu are your safest bets. Ayurvedic is one of the lesser known massage types but is highly regarded in the industry. Even if you are looking for an exotic yet more relaxing massage it is also shiatsu or ayurvedic that will satisfy this. Listed below are some of the different types of massage, perfect for a day of pampering. They are:

  • Aromatherapy: This particular massage entails the use of essential oils originating from various plants. These oils are used for their different therapeutic properties. If, for example, you wish to be energised, stress-free, balanced or relaxed, oils with the matching properties are used in massaging your body to achieve this desired result. One of which is lavender. This massage is mostly for those experiencing stress, whether it be physical or emotional.

Carbon Label CA - Aromatherapy Massage

  • Ayurvedic: This is another unique massage type that is geared towards balancing the energy in your body. It is one of the most effective means of slowing the skin’s process of aging. Mostly centred on the energy points within your body, this type of massage adopts the use of friction and pressure resulting in complete detoxification of your body. This goes a long way to help your body relax, improve blood circulation and also makes your body tissues more supple. This massage also involves the use of essential oils while also using herbs to cleanse and exfoliate the skin.

Gaia Health Blog - Ayurveda


  • Shiatsu: Always likened to acupuncture, this is a Japanese form of massage in which the acupuncture meridians are targeted but this time, with expert fingers instead of needles. With Shiatsu massage, you can enjoy constant energy boost, better immune system and overall well being. It is also great for relieving migraine, back pains, incessant weakness and certain digestive issues. With this type of massage, you will always be in high spirits.



  • Hot Stone: With this type of massage, smooth stones are heated and placed on target areas on your body. With the warmth being generated from the stone, the tight muscles in your body are loosened and at the same time the energy centres in your body are balanced. It is especially beneficial to those suffering from muscle tension.


These are just a few of the many different types of massage available. In order to make the most of your massage sessions, make sure you are not suffering from any forms of abrasions or skin rashes. It is also advised that you should also not have any dislocations or fractures if you wish to get a massage.


Manicure Trends


Leather Nails


The latest must have trend in the fashion and nail art world is leather nails. This nail art can be easily applied just like any normal matte polish. It even looks just like normal polish initially however after the application it dries and embodies a cool leather texture.

Caviar Nails

Another new trend that is sweeping the nail art world is caviar nails. This is created by applying a base coat for your nails and matching the base colour to tiny beads that can be applied to the top of the nail for a fun funky texture to brighten up any outfit.  Once a second coat of polish is applied the trick is to either dip or sprinkle the caviar onto the nail surface to reveal the desired design. Hold the beads into place for a few seconds until they have securely dried.This trend is a great tool to use to add a pop of colour to any outfit or used on one nail to excite and add texture to an all over colour.



Velvet Nails

Velvet nails are another bizarre fabric trend that can be applied to nails and it has set the nail art world by storm. The best news is that this trend can be easily created, similar to the caviar nails, by applying a base coat of polish then adding the velvet to the wet nail. The velvet is sprinkled onto the nail over a plastic sheet as the excess velvet can be reused again. The fabric should be patted down so that they stay in place with a brush to promise a lasting finish. Any excess velvet is then removed from your nails to complete this chic and ultra-modern look.


Halloween Hairstyles 2013


Halloween Hairstyles 2013

Yes, it’s upon us once again. The celebration of horror and the frenzy of fear. Halloween is the time of the year where you can look good by actually looking bad. You can let loose on your style but still dress to impress. When it comes to your Halloween hairstyle, the crazier the better.  From big frizzy hair to sleek up-styles, there are plenty of hairstyles to try out this Halloween. Whether you’re dressing up as a zombie or a wrecking ball, these Halloween hairstyles will get you set up for the big night.

Wild With Style

wild 2

This is a look that you normally wouldn;t be caught dead with. However, it is Halloween and the look of death is a common feature. Some of you may wake up in the morning looking like this and therefore dont need to put any work in. For those of us who arent so lucky (thank god), the best advice would be a mix of a blowdry, a hairbrush and of course some hairspray for volume.

Fairy Princess


If you want a look that wont scare the kids, then try out the Fairy Princess. Youll want to have your hair looking its best for this though so a recent trip to the salon is advised. The look in the picture will require slightly shorter hair but long hair is also feasible. Start off with having your hair straightened. Move on to a bun and plait either side of the head, tie together with a ribbon or flower of your choice and youre flying (pardon the pun).

Scary Rocker


This style is for those of you who want to look scary but chic. We call it. wait for it.. Scary Chic. Okay, okay, not the most original but at least it rolls off the tongue. It comes with a mix of devilishness and sexiness. Looks great on darker hair as it really brings out the red highlights. If you’re a blonde then a similar streak of black highlights works as well. Get ready to rock the night and slay those vampires.

Ballerina Bun


It’s certainly a popular look so we said we’d add it in. If youre planning to turn up to the Halloween party as a ballerina or even a cast member of Downton Abbey, the ballerina bun will be a main feature. An up-style will do the job very well especially as it will stay in place through all that dancing, treating and tricking.

Enjoy the night.



Fashion Flashes

A great bold fashion statement
What is it?
A flash of colour randomly placed throughout the hair, usually bright colours such as neon pink, turquoise, flaming red, orange

The best advice I can give is get a really good colourist to create your look as this could go horribly wrong, I mean you could use a colour flash that doesn’t suit your hair colour or skin tone
But done right with a colourist who has a great eye for tone a truly beautiful colour and look can be created
On the flip side you could always try a clip in Hair Flash attached with discreet wire placed behind your hairline covered with your own hair, The flashes can then be positioned wherever you want.


We all love it here are some tips on the best way to create it , Velcro rollers are probably the easiest way to create big beautiful hair , use volumising mousse in damp towel dried hair, Blow dry the hair to 90 percent dry either with you fingers with a denmin brush , then taking large sections around the size of the Velcro roller , place the roller in the hair in the direction you want the hair to sit ,making sure the ends are wrapped neatly around the roller, when all the rollers are in the hair , give it a blast of hot air from the dryer and spray a dusting of hair spray over the hair , allow to cool for 10 minutes or so then take the rollers out and give it a shake , result beautifully finished big hair

Love Skye x

FAQ’s Answered By Pamela Edwards-McKenzie

[faq_question]My hair is naturally dry and unless I pay for a professional blowdry it looks really frizzy. I would really like it look healthy and shiney. Help![/faq_question]
[faq_answer]You are a perfect candidate for a brazilian keratin treatment, a revolutionary new service for anyone wanting to tame flyaway, damaged or frizzy hair. After trying out numerous different types in salon we have come to love JV Smoothing Treatment. It is an organic intensive conditioning service that smooths and nourishes the outside of the hair fibre with natural keratin protein and argan oil. The frizz is tamed, the hair is left sleeker with a beautiful shine. Its like having a professional blowdry that lasts up to 3 months![/faq_answer]

[faq_question]My long fine hair is so limp at the roots that I need to wash it everyday. I have used a lot of different shampoos and conditioners for both greasy and for fine hair and always I shampoo twice to make sure its extra clean but nothing seems to help. Is there anything I can do?[/faq_question]
[faq_answer]By the sounds of it your problem more lies with your routine rather than your choice of products. Number 1 rule, do not have your water too hot and after your last shampoo turn the water down to as cool as you can handle it. This will soothe and close down the pores of your scalp. Also if you are washing your hair everyday you don’t need to do two shampoos everytime. Too much stimulation of the scalp through over washing or vigourous rubbing will kick start your sebaceous glands and cause excess oil. Finally, change your conditioner to a spray on rather than a cream formulation and never put conditioner on the root area it is naturally looked after by the scalp.[/faq_answer]

[faq_question]My hair has always been fine but lately I feel like its getting thinner and I worry that you can see my scalp. What can I do to thicken it up and give it more body?[/faq_question]
[faq_answer]There are some great products on the market these days for fine hair. Kerastase’s Volumative range helps to reinforce the hair fibre so it is stronger and has more vitality. Also twice a year you can do a 6 week intensive home programme for thinning hair. Kerastases Aminexil GL M is clinically proven to make hair thicker, reactrivate the short hairs and lift the hair follicle blockages to cease futher hair loss. Lastly if your hair is a lighter shade you could try colouring it darker as it will give the illusion of being denser and thicker and the colour itself will give the hair extra lift, especially at the root area.[/faq_answer]

[faq_question]I have just found out i’m pregnant and have heard that alot of women suffer from hair loss. Is this true?[/faq_question]
[faq_answer]Yes it is but don’t be alarmed. Firstly the rise in estrogen when you are pregnant causes hair to remain in the growing phase and stimulates growth so while you are pregnant you can expect your hair to be full and luxurious! The most common period of hair loss occurs approximately three months after delivery. This is when the hormones return to normal levels, allowing the hair to fall out and return to the normal cycle. The normal hair loss that was delayed during pregnancy may fall out all at once. This is not uncommon, affecting somewhere between 40 to 50% of women. There is a number of steps you can take to help. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, which contain flavonoids and antioxidants that may provide protection for the hair follicles and encourage hair growth. Consult with your health care provider to ensure a proper balance of hormones and supplements such as vitamin C, E, B complex and Zinc. Use shampoos and conditioners that contain biotin and silica and generally take a gentle approach, no tight braids, cornrows or using fine tooth combs to help prevent breakage and lastly turn down your hairdryer to a cool heat.[/faq_answer]

[title]Madonna By Lindsay[/title]
From her backcombed Debut to scrunched Like a Virgin, she even went short and platinum True Blue to Who’s That Girl, she even went back to her dark roots for Like A Prayer, [quote_right]Madonna immaculately changed her look.[/quote_right] Madonna even went Erotica with the sleek style and had a Bedtime Story with platinum blonde, she’s done it all. Madonna had Something to Remember with classic 30’s 40’s look with Evita, and went all natural and wavy for Ray of Light. She had a cowgirl moment with wavy glossy curls with Music in mind, but then she remembered her American Life roots and went dark brown again with a choppy more edgy look. Then Madonna had some Confessions on a Dancefloor with red auburn glossy locks, then she went all Hard Candy back to her signature blonde and Back to natural MDNA blonde with natural shiny waves.
It can’t be easy re-inventing your look all the time


Skye Norman Hair & Beauty is proud to support Pamela in her journey to raise money for “Children’s Ark Ghana” a charity set to change the lives of many children in Ghana, Pamela will be cutting her hair off to raise and donate $3230
Pamela hasn’t cut her hair for over 18 years!
We can’t wait to see this, please follow her journey:

Do fringes suit everybody?

It feels like every 5 minutes!
Are They In? Are They Out?
Chunky Fringes, Solid Fringes, Sweeping fringes, Soft Fringes, Wispy Fringes

They are great as a fashion statement to complete a look
Great for hiding forehead wrinkles (cheaper than Botox) Ha!

However they don’t suit everybody and different growth patterns in the hair can mean the fringe maybe more work than anticipated.
My advice is consult your stylist they will be able to advise whether it will suit you face and hair type


A really good way to get Hollywood Glam Party Hair for this season is by using Velcro rollers, First apply a volumising mousse such as Schwarzkopf hold miracle mousse to damp towel dried hair then blow dry. Next pick up hair sections the same size as your roller and roll the Velcro into the hair ends to roots in the direction you want your hair to fall. When the Velcro’s are in, Heat with the hair dryer for a few minutes and leave to cool for 10 minutes then take the rollers out, Finally spray the hair with a Volumizing hair spray I like to use Schwarzkopf glamour queen…

The result is beautiful enchanting hair (as modeled by Katy)

Love Skye

Now that we are all feeling like drowned rats! Well in the UK any way ,I thought now might be a good time to recommend some Anti Frizz Products since the weather has made our hair flyaway and frizzy….
The Kerastase Elixir Range consists of four serums
1. Regular for all hair types
2. Damaged hair
3. Fine Sensitized hair
4. Colour Treated hair
These products are fragrance infused and contain argon oil and other essential oils, they absorb into the hair leaving it felling protected smooth silky and weightless, unlike a lot of serums they do not leave the hair feeling oily, I use this product on myself and my clients, there is a product in this range for every hair type.
Apply a few drops to washed towel dried hair before styling, an added tip is while you are blow drying always point the nozzle of the dryer towards the ends of the hair this smooth’s the outer cuticle of the hair and eliminates frizz. On a day you don’t wash your hair a few drops of serum throughout the mid lengths and ends will tame fly away hair.
Has anyone tried?
Love Skye smile emoticon
Skye Norman Hair & Beauty’s photo.




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