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Looking For The Best Blow Dry Salon in Chelsea, London

Blow some life back into your hair! Our signature round brush blow drying beauty treatment uses high-quality natural boar bristles will revitalize your hair and give it the bounce and volume it may be lacking. Together with your dedicated hair stylists, you will create a look which is perfectly suited for you.

We only use the highest quality Kerastase, L’Oreal & Schwarzkopf products to ensure a fabulous finish to your blow dry treatment. The highly popular Chelsea blow dry is one of the biggest trends in fashion at the moment and the go-to beauty treatment will leave your hair looking amazing.

Take some time to relax and unwind during your treatment with a neck and shoulder massage from one of our professionals. Forget about the stress while we look after you and make you look extra-glamorous

Our bespoke service creates the right look suited for you!


prices start from £32


Blow Dry Process

Quick and Easy Consultation

Before your blow dry beauty treatment, you will have a chat with your expert stylist about creating a look which is perfect for you. If you’re after a particular look or style, we will taper the treatment around your preferences. If you have any questions before the treatment, your stylist will be happy to talk you through anything you’d like to know

Round Brush Blow Dry

At Skye Norman Hair and Beauty we believe in beautiful shiny styled hair. The best way to achieve great hair fresh from the catwalk to the London High Street is to round brush blow dry! We only use natural boar bristle brushes, these brushes evenly glide through hair without causing over stretching or breakage. They also allow the natural oils in the hair to naturally distribute throughout. We leave the brushes in the hair; this initiates a cooling process which creates a unique shine and adds that desired oomph to your locks.

Hair Dryers

The hair dryers our stylists use a negative ionic charge, which helps to protect your hair from heat damage. The negative charge also reduces the static build up around your hair, this results is a sleek finish with your hair looking smooth and full of life.

Hair At Home!

We always aim to give our customers the best service possible! Our experts often pass on top tips so you can have the best chance of recreating a salon-quality look at home.

  1. Before heating, apply a heat protective styling product to towel-dried hair (your hair should be approximately 80% dry.)
  2. Take a fairly large section of hair, which is the depth and width of your desired brush size and dry the hair around the brush. Top Tip – always point the nozzle of the dryer towards the ends of the hair! This helps to smooth the hair
  3. At home, it’s easier to use Velcro rollers rather than brushes so when applying the rollers; take a section of dry hair which is the width and depth of the roller. Once it’s in your hair, make sure the ends are smooth around the roller!
  4. When you have all the desired rollers in, apply heat to the hair and allow cooling around the rollers for 5 to 10 mins. You can also apply a light dusting of hairspray.
  5. Once the cooling process has finished, remove the rollers for that luxurious bouncy look!

We sell all products and utensils needed to recreate your look at home

You can also apply a light dusting of hairspray.

We sell all products and utensils needed to recreate your look at home


My hair is naturally dry unless I have a blowdry it looks really frizzy. I would really like it look healthy and shiny

If your hair is naturally dry and frizzy after a traditional blow dry, you are the perfect candidate for a Brazilian keratin treatment, a revolutionary new service for anyone wanting to tame flyaway, damaged or frizzy hair.  After trying out various techniques, we have come to love JV Smoothing Treatment. It’s an organic intensive conditioning service which smoothes and nourishes hair fiber with natural keratin protein and argan oil.  The frizz is tamed; the hair is left sleeker with a beautiful shine.  It’s like having a professional blow dry that lasts up to 3 months! Have a look at our Brazilian Blow Dry page for more information.

My long fine hair is so limp at the roots that I need to wash it everyday. I have used a lot of different shampoos and conditioners for both greasy and for fine hair and always I shampoo twice to make sure its extra clean but nothing seems to help. Is there anything I can do?

We hear about problems similar to this a lot. Normally, the problem lies with your routine rather than your choice of products.  Our expert’s number one tip is to not have your water too hot and after your last shampoo, turn the water down to as cool as you can handle it.  The cooler water will soothe and close down the pores of your scalp.  Also if you are washing your hair daily you don’t need to shampoo twice. Too much stimulation of the scalp through over washing or vigorous rubbing will kick start your sebaceous glands and cause excess oil.  Finally, change your conditioner to a spray on rather than a cream formulation and never put conditioner on the root area it is naturally looked after by the scalp.

My hair has always been fine but lately I feel like its getting thinner and I worry that you can see my scalp. What can I do to thicken it up and give it more body?

There are some great products on the market these days for fine hair.  Kerastase’s Volumative range helps to reinforce the hair fibre so it is stronger and has more vitality.  Also twice a year you can do a 6 week intensive home programme for thinning hair.  Kerastases Aminexil GL M is clinically proven to make hair thicker, reactrivate the short hairs and lift the hair follicle blockages to cease futher hair loss.  Lastly if your hair is a lighter shade you could try colouring it darker as it will give the illusion of being denser and thicker and the colour itself will give the hair extra lift, especially at the root area

I have just found out i'm pregnant and have heard that a lot of women suffer from hair loss. Is this true?

Yes it is but don’t be alarmed. Firstly, the rise in estrogen when you become pregnant causes the hair to grow and, so while you are pregnant you can expect your hair to be full and luxurious!  The most common period of hair loss occurs around three months after delivery.  This is when the hormones return to normal levels, allowing the hair to fall out and return to the normal cycle. The normal hair loss that was delayed during pregnancy may fall out all at once. This is not uncommon, affecting somewhere between 40 to 50% of women. Don’t worry; there are a number of steps you can take to encourage hair growth if you suffer from an episode of hair loss after a pregnancy:

  • Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, which contain flavonoids and antioxidants that may provide protection for the hair follicles and encourage hair growth.
  • Consult with your healthcare provider to ensure a proper balance of hormones and supplements such as vitamin C, E, B complex, and Zinc.
  • Use shampoos and conditioners that contain biotin and silica and generally take a gentle approach, no tight braids, cornrows or using fine tooth combs to help prevent breakage
  • If you’re blow drying your hear, turn it down to a cool heat.