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Electrolysis in Chelsea London, Skye Norman Hair & Beauty


Hair Removal London, Chelsea

Skye Norman Hair & Beauty Salon in London, Chelsea is proud to give you Electrolysis Hair Removal

as one of our Beauty services which aims to tackle your frustration at unwanted hairs.

Our Experienced Fully Qualified, Certified Beauty Therapist has recommended this treatment as being highly effective

method of permanent hair removal.

Freedom From Unwanted Hair & Suitable For All Skin Types


prices start from £28


Electrolysis Process

At Skye Norman Hair and Beauty Electrolysis works by applying an electric current to each individual hair using a metal probe which reaches down to the follicle this destroys the very root. Applying the method to every single hair in your chosen area  stops the regrowth.

All Skin Types

Skin and hair type do not in any way influence electrolysis treatment, electrolysis tackles each hair individually by sending a current directly into the root.

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair growth goes through a cycle with three identified stages.

Catagen (transitional phase)

Telogen (resting phase)

Anagen (growing phase)

Approximately 90% to 95% of hairs are in the Anagen phase, Electrolysis works effectively when hairs are in the growing stage, so it is recommended to keep up with your appointments to catch hair which are entering into this stage.

Electrolysis After Care

After the treatment your skin pores will be open and sensitive there is potential for bacteria to enter.

We will recommend an aftercare product which can be applied 3 times daily to the treated area with a fresh cotton bud for each application, continue this for 3 days.  This will promote skin healing and prevent infection.

Do not use any temporary hair removal methods for one to two days.

To achieve the best results from your treatments keep up with appointments.

If you do find small scabs or ‘brown tops’ do not pick them off as they are part of the healing process – if you do pick them you may cause scar tissue.

For the next 1 to 2 days ensure the treated areas are clean and minimise heat or friction on the area.

To avoid any cross infection the area should not be touched with fingers for a minimum of 48 hours.

For the same reason do not use public pools, saunas or spas.

Do not sunbathe or use sunbeds or tanning processes for two days as these will affect sensitivity of the skin.

Do not apply any products such as lotions, deodorants, powders, body sprays etc. to the treated areas for 24 hours, unless they have been recommended by your treatment provider, as they are likely to cause irritation.


Can women have electrolysis treatments during pregnancy?

Unwanted hair can be caused by hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy. Electrolysis can be performed on any normal skin. This includes pregnant women. We suggest that you seek the advice of your Doctor before beginning treatment.

Who can be treated?

Electrolysis works with all kinds of hair types from light and fine to the darkest thickest hair. Electrolysis is an appropriate method of permanent hair removal for all but the very young. A late teen can be as safely treated as someone in his or her later years.

Does having Electrolysis Hurt?

Most people have minimal discomfort. They describe the sensation as similar to tweezing.

At Skye Norman Hair & Beauty we make every effort to assure you the most comfortable treatment possible.

How long will it take to see results?

This is one reason we offer a free consultation at our salon in London, Chelsea. There is no set answer to this question. Results vary depending on the individual person, amount of hair, the thickness of hair, the growth cycle of the hair, and how it has been treated in the past. In general, hair that has never been tweezed or waxed or that has a long growth cycle will respond to treatment quicker than hair that has been treated with those methods. Most of our clients report good results within six months of regular treatments.