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Get The Right Colour

Get The Right Colour

Tip One: Go natural
on the day of your appointment you try not to have too much product on your hair. If possible wash it the day before and then leave it product free.

Tip Two: Be prepared
Take a few pictures with you of colours that you like and dislike. You and your hairdresser might have different ideas on shades i.e. warm could be interpreted to mean many different colours

Tip three: Aftercare
ask your hairdresser about the commitment involved to achieve and maintain the desired colour. The initial cost may be more than future treatments.

Tip four: Stop and listen
Listen to your colourist. We see a lot of people every day and have a lot of experience of what suits different styles, skin tones etc. It’s a good idea to invest in a few key products to help maintain your colour such as BC Bonacure Color Save range which enhances colour brilliance. Anita also advises that you always ask your colourist to recommend products suitable for your hair type.

Tip Five: Listen some more
Make sure you have a full consultation with your colourist before committing to a new colour and talk to them about what the different options are. They may be able to recommend something that you hadn’t considered which could suit you better. Always remember what suits your friend or looks good on a celebrity in a magazine might not suit you. The final result all depends on your natural hair colour and