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hairstyles for long hair

10 simple and sassy hairstyles for long hair

If you’re looking for hairstyles for long hair, we have got just the thing for you! We’ve put together this handy guide to inspire you to get creative with your locks and save you from those dreaded bad hair days.

How many times have you liked or saved a post of a hairstyle or haircut on Instagram in the hopes that one day you’ll try it? And how many times have you got round to trying out that complicated French plait or up do, only to quickly give up and stick your hair back in a ponytail?

We’ve all been there, ladies. That’s why we’ve searched the hairdressing world far and wide to bring you the ultimate hair inspiration. The best bit? They’re all simple to achieve too! Go on, have a look…

The Best Hairstyles for Long Hair



Pump up the volume with big, bold curls. A timeless hairstyle that will never go out of date, curly hair is a sure-fire way to make a statement. Curls are one of the best, most versatile hairstyles for long hair. You can opt for tight curls for a rocking 80s vibe, or loose curls for an effortless yet stylish look.

Different sized curls and varying definitions can be achieved with a curling tong, wand or pair of straighteners, so get experimenting! It doesn’t take much to totally transform your hair when it comes to the curls.


Making waves

Make the most of your long locks and play around with it all! Get out your straighteners, curlers or wand to make waves with your hair. It’s a simple yet sexy look that is easy to achieve in the comfort of your own home.

Curls and waves are a great way to add a bit of glamour to any hairstyle or general look. You can also experiment with different sized waves in your hair to see what you prefer or what suits the occasion more. Loose waves and curls are very popular at the moment, for day-to-day hair as well as for events, but tighter curls do offer that timeless glamour we all love.



Sometimes you just want to put your hair up – that might be due to laziness, or it might be to show off your make-up looking on point. Either way, there is an infinite number of hairstyles that include a ponytail, some easier than others but all as fabulous as the next.

Ponytails are one of the most versatile hairstyles for long hair. Make your ponytail high, low, messy, straight, knotted, curly, twisted, braided – it’s all up to your imagination. One of our favourite looks is the high-up pony, with a thick curl or wave to it to create a messy yet sophisticated look. It’s the perfect party girl hairstyle!


Sleek and straight

Sleek, straight hair is one of the only hairstyles for long hair that will make your hair look even longer! Even if your hair is naturally straight, you’ll notice a difference after using straighteners. They totally transform your hair, in a way that can make an outfit. Whatever your hair looks like naturally, a simple run-through with your straighteners will leave your hair looking sleek and super shiny.

Stick with the block hair trend of no layers (and maybe a block fringe, perhaps?), or boost your hair’s features with your straighteners. Any layers, colours and highlights will really come out to play with this sassy style. Whatever you choose, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.


Slick Back

This sexy and chic look is one that’s undoubtedly popular in the celebrity world. You’ve seen this slick back trend on the red carpet many a time, so why not recreate it in front of your mirror at home? It’s the perfect chic hairstyle for a fancy night out with your girls or for a hot date.

Use texture spray and hairspray to get this slick back hairdo and to keep it in place. If you’ve got round brushes, you can play around with the height of your hair when blowdrying it to add volume to the end look.


Sweep it sideways

Where you part your hair can really make a difference to your hairstyle, and even your face shape. If you fancy a change to your hair without a real commitment, changing your parting can do just that. Change it up by moving it to the left, to the right, to the centre… or even zig-zag. There are lots of options for you to experiment with.

A simple side fringe or a side parting can really complement all face shapes. This asymmetric look will enhance all your best features, and flatter your face from your forehead to your jawline. Great with your brow pencil and your eyeliner flicks? A side fringe will emphasise your make-up skills very nicely indeed.


Get blunt

So, it might take a trip to the hairdressers to get the look first, but once it’s there, you’ll have a statement look without even trying. What are we talking about? The fringe, of course!

Blunt fringes are so easy to achieve and can totally transform your hair. It’s the effortless option for girls with long hair that are looking to do something a little different. Blunt bangs can be dressed up and be dressed down, without you even changing your hair.

The statement block fringe not only gives an average long hairstyle a new lease of life, but it will complement your face beautifully too. Covering your entire forehead, this edgy haircut will highlight your eyes and your cheekbones, giving them a boost too. Who needs contouring, hey?


Bouncy blowdry

If you’re looking for a way to volumise your long hair, a blowdry is the way forward. A professional blowdry will give you the ultimate volume and bounce you’re looking for, and it’s possible to recreate it at home too if you have the right tools and hair products.

The phrase ‘bad hair day’ doesn’t even exist in your mind when you’re leaving the hairdressers with that ultra sassy feeling after a cut and blowdry. Your hair is bouncing high and so is your confidence. A blow-dried hairstyle provides a glamorous feel and a glamorous look – something no woman would shake a stick at.


Braid it up

There are so many different styles of braid to choose from. From a simple plait or a French braid to the more complex waterfall and bubble braids, this type of hairstyling has something for every kind of occasion. Keep it a perfect plait for a posh party or event, or make it messy for a more casual or edgy look.

You can have them straight down, straight up, interweaved into a bun, to the side, on both sides… The possibilities really are pretty much endless!

Some more complicated to do than others, plaits and braids are a fabulous way of giving your hair some texture. The detail in a plait – whatever type it is – makes your hair like an accessory in itself. How about the milkmaid braid? This hairstyle gives you the look of a hairband, without the hard plastic digging in! Magic.


Up do

Whether you’re keeping it simple or going for something a little fancier, the up do is every long-haired girls’ best friend, making it one of our favourite hairstyles for long hair. From messy buns to pristinely preened buns, an up do can take you from day to night – it’s all about how you work it.

That’s right; don’t go thinking a messy bun is just for those weekdays spent stressing at your desk, or those Sundays when you don’t get out of your pyjamas. The messy bun can go from bleak to chic if you’ve got the right attitude. Try putting in some plaits or incorporating some curls for some extra texture and extra elegance.

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