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How To: Rita Ora’s Pixie Crop

How To: Rita Ora’s Pixie Crop

How To: Rita Ora’s Pixie Crop



Rita Ora took the plunge and was spotted with a daring pixie crop last week. We spoke to Marc Trinder at Charles Worthington to find out how to make this work for your clients.

Marc Trinder, Charles Worthington’s Art Team Director says “Rita has gone for a real androgynous look with her new pixie crop. The long layers around the front give a modern take on the classic pixie.”

Who will this style suit?

“This short style suits an oval and heart face shape, but does not tend to work for a round face shape. This style also works well for those with a strong jaw line and cheekbones, enhancing and flattering these features in a feminine way.”

“I love it when stars cut in a short, chic hairstyle; it can make your face look slimmer, enhance your bone structure and update your look without having to buy a new season wardrobe!”

“A good way to test if the style will actually suit you is to try a wig. The attitude and perception of wigs has changed dramatically. Not only have the quality of wigs improved but they have become the latest fashion accessory for celebrities. Absolutely anyone wears wigs these days.

we have recently launched a new cutting technique called the ‘Cross-Shake’ which gives the ultimate in effortless style by slicing sections generously cross-ways from left to right, then top to bottom at specific points in the hair. It creates bespoke texture and the signature ‘shaken’ finish, at the same time giving fullness and relaxed movement. It suits all hair types as it is a beautifully bespoke way of layering and texturising hair without leaving it thin and wispy.”