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Manicure Trends

Manicure Trends

Manicure Trends


Leather Nails


The latest must have trend in the fashion and nail art world is leather nails. This nail art can be easily applied just like any normal matte polish. It even looks just like normal polish initially however after the application it dries and embodies a cool leather texture.

Caviar Nails

Another new trend that is sweeping the nail art world is caviar nails. This is created by applying a base coat for your nails and matching the base colour to tiny beads that can be applied to the top of the nail for a fun funky texture to brighten up any outfit.  Once a second coat of polish is applied the trick is to either dip or sprinkle the caviar onto the nail surface to reveal the desired design. Hold the beads into place for a few seconds until they have securely dried.This trend is a great tool to use to add a pop of colour to any outfit or used on one nail to excite and add texture to an all over colour.



Velvet Nails

Velvet nails are another bizarre fabric trend that can be applied to nails and it has set the nail art world by storm. The best news is that this trend can be easily created, similar to the caviar nails, by applying a base coat of polish then adding the velvet to the wet nail. The velvet is sprinkled onto the nail over a plastic sheet as the excess velvet can be reused again. The fabric should be patted down so that they stay in place with a brush to promise a lasting finish. Any excess velvet is then removed from your nails to complete this chic and ultra-modern look.