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Schwarzopf Sealed Ends

My favourite can’t live with product and one of our best sellers is Schwarzkopf’s BC’s SEALED ENDS!
This miracle cream is for anyone with damaged, dry or weak ends or for someone that is just trying to get a bit more length, this lightweight cream can be apply to wet or dry hair and wraps itself around the hair acting like a plaster, to prevent further damage and restores the protective outer layer. The powerful combination of keratin, lipid components, amino acids and panthenol gives strength, elasticity and vital moisture from the inside out, helping to prevent unnecessary split ends and leaving the hair looking healthy and shiny.

As I have fine coloured hair, it tends to get split very easily and when that happens it frays like a pair of jeans does meaning all though my hair seems to grow the same rate as normal it seems to take forever to get long, a very common complaint with all hair types. It’s fantastic for those fluffy, fuzzy annoying short bits that we fight with around the face. By adding what I call ‘invisible plaster’ protection they get more length and suppleness making them much more easier to deal with!

So use SEALED ENDS if you want

* 100% hair replenishment
* 100% resilience
* 95% less hair breakage

It’s a no brainer!!

Pamela xx