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Some hints for doing your hair at home - Skye Norman Hair & Beauty
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Some hints for doing your hair at home

Some hints for doing your hair at home

Make sure your hair has been in for a full M.O.T with your hairdresser. Your hair will be alot easier to deal with and you will get a better result if it is in top conditon. Check with your hairdresser as to what products you need to style and maintain your look. At this time of year products like the Kerastase Solaire range are a must for protecting your hair and scalp from sun and sea. So many times we find clients returning from holidays with straw like hair and fried ends. Two words, PROTECT and PREVENT!

Always check the back of your hair! Where possible position a mirror behind you so you can see what it looks like from all angles. It may take a while to get use to working back to front but it is important your style looks as good at the back as it does front on.

When attempting an up-do on yourself it is a good idea to first secure your hair into a neat ponytail. From there divide the ponytail into manageable sections which you can then, depending on the look you are wanting to achieve, secure into place with good quality hair grips. The key to securing sections is to place a clip over another clip so it forms an ‘X’ this stops the clips from slipping out. There is lots of really good electrical equipment on the market these days. Heated rollers and GHD straightening irons both give great curls and volume. Check with your hairdresser what would work the best for you.