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Wedding Hairstyles And Face Shapes.

Wedding Hairstyles And Face Shapes.


Wedding Hairstyles And Face Shapes

The oval shape is the most versatile, you can get away with almost anything – lucky you!

Oblong or rectangular face shapes are long and generally slender. Steer clear of wearing your hair long it will drag you down. Also centre partings are a no no as they narrow the face. The key is building upwards and encouraging body.

Round shapes are self explanatory. You need to minimise volume at the sides and build upwards. Side partings or side swept fringes work fantastically as they offset the roundness.

Heart shapes as a rule are wider at the temples and hairline narrowing to a small delicate chin. A side parting helps by creating a slight asymmetry to what is a rather symmetrical face shape. Spanish styles drawn to the side of the nape will create more width to the chin area balancing out the width at the temple.

Square shapes have strong angular jaws with equally square hairlines. You need to pick a style that will soften these edges. Curls are great for this. Avoid styles that add width at the jaw line instead opting for wispy hair around the face to soften the outline.

Triangle is the reverse of the heart shape usually with a prominent jaw line. As with the square shape loose strands around the outline will soften the edges..