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We are blessed that our salon is located on famous Old Church Street in Chelsea, minutes’ walk from the beautiful Old Church which overlooks the River Thames. Our dedicated team have long serving experience in Special Occasion Hair.



With our insight and expertise we are perfectly suited to take on the challenge of a big wedding day.

We offer a Complimentary Consultation to design a unique personal service with advice on the must-have Wedding Hair, with ideas to achieve the best look that suits your accessories, Hair Maintenance and a wealth of wedding Makeup & Beauty knowledge from our Beauty Therapist.

Our Wedding Packages will take the worry out of your beauty preparations and will leave you looking fantastic your important day!

Available are all inclusive Hair & Make-up packages. These are tailor made for the Bride, Groom or wedding party by our team of wedding hair stylists and makeup artists.

Our skilled team can reproduce any style of hair from the natural to the most sophisticated incorporating colour techniques to compliment your skin type which will enhance to produce radiance.

Also, we’ll recommend a wide selection of colour gloss treatments so you look the very best on your special day.




First step is a full discussion of your needs, how many are in your wedding party, what your ideas are and how you would like yourself and your bridesmaids to look on your big day.

Our Beauty Therapist & Make-Up artist will also discuss your pre wedding beauty needs such as manicure, pedicure, waxing and other beauty must haves.

It is possible to achieve any desired look we may need to Colour, Cut or add hair extensions so 3 months prior to wedding date gives time to prepare.

We will then book your pre wedding trial.

Start preparations for your big day as early as possible- three months before your wedding is a good bench mark.

Pre Trial Style

We suggest a couple of weeks before the wedding, by this stage we will have an idea of the looks we would like to try out and be well on the way to the end result.
Bring in pictures of hair styles you like, your style of wedding dress, and any hairpieces- this is the perfect time to try them all out.
In addition to your ideas, we will be able to provide suggestions based on the information you have given us and your personal hair type.
We will take pictures of the looks we create and you can then decide on your favourite.



Start From Now!

In addition to wedding colour and styling preparation, it’s a great time to treat your hair to all important conditioning treatments

We have a vast selection of treatments from our extremely popular Organic Brazilian Keratin Treatments to our “Choco Crunch” Intensive Chocolate and Argon Oil Treatment plus we have Caviar Treatments available.
All of which will deeply moisturise the hair from the inside and make the hair look and feel incredible!

Another suggestion is to have a pre wedding gloss treatment, this works a treat giving glossy looking hair which will look beautiful in wedding photos!

On The Day

Wash your hair the night before and leave it product free, hair that is too clean and soft can be difficult to work with.
If we are coming to you make sure there are plenty of plug sockets available.

Then relax and enjoy your day; we will take care of everything!


How should a bride go about finding a great bridal stylists?

It makes sense to invest a little time finding an experienced bridal specialist like us. The internet is always a really good start. There you will find information about reputable salons and stylists in your area and the services they provide. We offer a call out service and have make-up artists attached, making your life a little easier. Also never underestimate word of mouth. Ask friends and family if they have any ideas. When you have a few possibilities, book in a 10 minute consultation with each to see who you feel most comfortable and connected with.

Should a bride tailor her hairstyle to the style of her dress?

Absolutely! You should choose a hairstyle that blends with the line and mood of the dress or else you will detract from the overall picture. The most important factor to take into consideration is ’balance’. For example if your dress is sleek and narrow, a large elaborate hair style or head piece may give the illusion of being top heavy. This style always looks best teamed with a polished sophisticated hairstyle with uncluttered lines. At the other end of the spectrum a full skirted romantic dress needs to have softer lines within the style to balance it.
Long flowing hair, whether it be straight or curly, is perfect for strapless dresses as it brings attention to the face and upper body. With a one shoulder dress you need to be careful not to disturb the neckline so wearing an up do is always a better option.
With a heavily embellished gown, I think the hair style should be simpler to avoid overload. A great idea is to marry a component from the gown into the hair; for example, a few subtle crystals similar to the dress placed within the hair style will help to tie the whole look together.
Very simple dresses do not necessarily need very simple hair but it is a good idea to veer away from a style that is too fussy or you may lose the dress.

How should a bride decide whether to go Hair up or Hair down?

One thing to consider when wearing your hair down is whether it will last the day. Your stylist will take into account the density and texture of your hair and be able to advise you if this look will last the distance. Your trial is a good time to test out different looks so make sure you have a couple of hours to test drive a few different styles.

What hairstyles suit what face shapes?

The oval shape is the most versatile, you can get away with almost anything – lucky you!
Oblong or rectangular face shapes are long and generally slender. Steer clear of wearing your hair long as it will drag you down. Also, centre partings are a no no as they narrow the face. The key is building upwards and encouraging body.
Round shapes are self-explanatory. You need to minimise volume at the sides and build upwards. Side partings or side swept fringes work fantastically as they offset the roundness.
Heart shapes as a rule are wider at the temples with the hairline narrowing to a small delicate chin. A side parting helps by creating a slight asymmetry to what is a rather symmetrical face shape. Spanish styles drawn to the side of the nape will create more width to the chin area, balancing out the width at the temple.
Square shapes have strong angular jaws with equally square hairlines. You need to pick a style that will soften these edges; curls are great for this. Avoid styles that add width at the jaw line, instead opting for wispy hair around the face to soften the outline.
Triangle is the reverse of the heart shape, usually with a prominent jaw line. As with the square shape, loose strands around the outline will soften the edges.

What tips do you have to ensure a bride gets the best out of her bridal hairdresser?

The key is to arm the stylist with as much detail as possible. A good stylist will take into account the whole image that you want to project on the day whether you want a small informal wedding or a large traditional affair, glamorous or casual- all this information helps. If you find it difficult expressing your ideas write them down or even take clippings of other weddings that have the same feeling or mood that you are after. The more we know about you and your personality the easier it is to personalise a look especially tailored to you.

How far before the big day should a bride have a hair trial and what should she bring along?

It’s a good idea to have your trial a couple of months before your wedding. It may be that you need to have some work done on your colour or the condition of your hair is not as good as it could be. This will give your stylist enough time to make sure your hair is looking at its’ best for your big day. Pack all your magazine clippings, images from the internet, fabric samples, photos of your gown, and, if possible, your veil and hairpieces and any accessories you may want to use. Wearing a top with a similar neckline can give you a better picture of how the style will look. Failing that, a singlet will suffice. Also, don’t forget a camera to take pictures from all angles. Lastly take a trusted friend as a second opinion is always worthwhile.