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A unique sensorial in-salon experience to reveal the true beauty of your hair. First of all, a diagnosis will be made to determine the right products for your hair type and needs. Then one of our staff members, through the precise application of the concentrated formulas, will reveal a real hair transformation.

Whether you are in a rush and have just 5 minutes or have time to properly treat yourself, our staff will find the perfect solution to all your needs from The Kérastase Ritual Collection.



Indulge in our luxury chocolate treatment; this treatment is enriched with pure chocolate extract, keratin and collagen to deeply nourish the inner structure of the hair, leaving your hair feeling beautifully moisturized and incredibly shiny.

As part of this treatment you will be pampered with a head and shoulder massage.


Treatment Process


The pre-treatment cleansing shampoo opens the outer cuticle of the hair shaft.

Keratin Application

The keratin treatment is then applied to dry hair; this is allowed to absorb into the inner cortex of the hair shaft acting almost like a filler, plumping the hair with all the keratin and nutrients. This is allowed to soak in for up to 30 minutes. The excess is then dried into the hair.

Locking Treatment In

When the hair is dry, straightening irons are then used to smooth the outer cuticle and lock the treatment into the hair shaft.

We offer complimentary Keratin shampoos & conditioners with all our Brazilian treatments

Aftercare Guide

Use sulphate free products, most importantly shampoo. Sulphate (salt) has an exfoliating effect on the hair, so if you use a shampoo with salt or swim in the sea (salty water) the treatment will erode from the cuticle (outside shaft) of the hair, thus shortening the life span of the treatment. We recommend Inoar & Siebella professional products which you can purchase in our Chelsea salon. They have added keratin to reinforce the proteins in your treatment so it lasts as long as possible. We offer complimentary Siebella shampoo and conditioning with all of our keratin treatments.